Client Shopping – Material Selections

At R Cabral Contractors, each estimate begins with determining the cost of the project’s material selections and allowance items. We determine these cost by taking our Client(s) shopping for items.

For example: If you are having your kitchen remodeled, we will take you to our plumbing supplier’s showroom to help you choose your plumbing fixtures, i.e., sink, faucet, garbage disposal, soap dispenser, water filtration, etc. We then visit our cabinet, flooring, appliance, electrical and countertop suppliers and make those selections

How does R Cabral Contractors handle allowances:
Once the material selections have been chosen, we obtain our Builder’s price on the spot and present it to you for review. Once you have approved the cost and it’s within budget, we add that cost to your estimate as an allowance item.

Unlike other companies, R Cabral Contractors does not mark-up the actual cost of your items. Our cost is your cost and what we enter into your estimate. We also provide a copy of the original invoice after purchase on allowance items.

Using our method of pricing allowance items saves a lot of heartache, surprises and out of pocket expenses later on.

Professional Blueprints and Designs

R Cabral Contractors have in-House professional Blueprints/Drawings and Designs services that are ready for city permitting with a very fast turn around and at a low fixed cost.

If you are having drawings or designs done by someone other than us, make sure you are quoted a fixed cost and that you are getting a full set of plans that can be used to obtain your permit and to allow estimating. We can’t begin to count how many times we have been called in to start a new design because another contractor, architect or designer has taken advantage of a homeowner by providing them inadequate drawings, only later to be told either “that’s all we offer” or “there will be additional charges”. In many instances these extra charges are more than our fixed cost for the design.

A typical set of Designs or Drawings should include on separate pages:

Original Floor Plan: The original area of the building to be changed and showing all original plumbing in the effected area.
New Floor Plan: The new layout of the floor plan showing walls, cabinets and plumbing.
Electrical Plan: New floor plan showing all new electrical outlets, smoke detectors, lighting, fans and the electrical panel.
Roof Plan: Layout of the new roof plan. (For additions only)
Framing Plan: Layout of the walls, ceiling and flooring joist. (Required to obtain permit for additions and structural changes)
Plot Plan: The original house and addition drawn to show property lines. (Required for additions)
Foundation Plan: Drawing details of the foundation. (Structural Engineer approval required per the State of California)